noosa amsterdam petite

We want to inspire women to discover themselves and show it. The basis for Noosa Petite Collection came from designing a collection that looked more refined. Petite has its own line of bracelets and a ring. Graceful and beautiful simplicity. Handmade with dedication and professionalism. The Petite collection allows you to personalize and tune to your own taste with the special collection Petite Chunks®. Noosa Petite Chunks® each have its own meaning. Inspired by positive symbols from different cultures and traditions. With the sophisticated Petite Chunks® you emphasize what is important to you. You can choose what you like, what fits your needs or what suits your personal story. Discover the beautiful materials, hidden symbols and the sheer craftsmanship of Noosa Petite. NOTE: Noosa Amsterdam petite is not compatible with Noosa Amsterdam Original.